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May 13, 2020

Hale and well met, podcast listeners! We have returned for Badwatch season 2!! For this auspicious occasion we watched Higher Power, perhaps the most inauspicious film streaming on Hulu. Join us as we discuss deez nuts/blue balls, bad addiction metaphors, and Dr. Manhattan.


It Comes At Night

Lie to...

Dec 28, 2019

To close out this holiday season we watched A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby. It's a strange film about a strange kingdom. And investigative journalism! Join us as we discuss discount Melissa Joan Hart, Queer Eye for 5 Guys, baby name pillow talk, treaty logistics, and Agatha Christie.


Knives Out


Dec 11, 2019

Happy holidays, Badwatchers! It’s our favorite time of year, where our gift to you is the annual viewing of holiday dreck. We watched The Knight Before Christmas, a time-travel love story even dumber than it sounds. Join us as we discuss wigs, academic calendars, syphilis, a mathematical formula for holiday movies,...

Nov 27, 2019

It was bound to happen sometime. We return to a previous badwatch to enjoy (?) season 2, episode 1 of Insatiable, "Pig." Join us as we discuss wet vehicles, First-Degree Burgers, Wiener Tacos, his-and-hers brass knuckles, CACA, and a legit question for rural Americans.

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Criminal: UK

Nov 13, 2019

Rarely are we lucky enough to find a show as bad and silly as Zoo. Based on a novel by James Patterson, we watched season 2 episode 1, "The Name of the Beast." Join us as we discuss Michael Crichton's bowel habits (R.I.P.), bird psychology, Chekhov's baby, pocket pepper, ManBearPig, pirate radio, very dumb bird jokes,...